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Ride Height Adjustment of Non-Full Coilover
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On certain vehicles the spring and shock is separate. To properly set the ride height and shock stroke, please follow these instructions:


  1. (A) Is used to adjust ride height.
  2. After desired ride height is reached with the spring, it is essential to adjust the length of shock by adjusting (B) to your desired position.
  3. After desired ride height is reached, install the wheels, put the car on the ground and move the vehicle 20-30 feet to allow the suspension to settle. Then adjust (B) to let (C) compress 1/3 of the way into the strut and leave 2/3 of the shock shaft outside the strut; tighten the spring perch lock of (B). It is extremely important that (C) is 1/3 compressed when the vehicle is on the ground.
  4. Failure to set the shock stroke correctly can result in damage to the shock and void the warranty.
  5. At least 30mm of the lower mount should be threaded onto the shock to be safe.


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