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Camber Adjustment for MacPherson Strut Type Suspensions
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Vehicles equipped with MacPherson strut type suspensions have two (2) methods of camber adjustment. One or both methods may be used on a single vehicle, but it is recommended that the settings are symmetrical across the vehicle, or the SAME on each side of the vehicle.

Example: If the top camber plate is use on the LEFT side, use the top camber plate on the RIGHT side as well.




  1. The upper mount (Item A) is used for small camber adjustments, such as dialing in different settings for varying track conditions.
  2. Set baseline camber by using the elongated hole (Item B) in the lower mount (Item C).
  3. The camber adjustment tracks should run parallel to the vehicle’s windshield, so that when the bolts in the pillowball camber plate are loosened, the shock shaft travels parallel to the windshield (Diagram E).


If the pillowball is at an extreme angle, you may experience noise from the pillowball. This is should be avoided, as it is a sign that you are stressing the pillowball. If your pillowball is at an excessive angle, please reset camber by using the elongated hole in the lower mount. Ksport coilover systems for vehicles with double-wishbone type suspensions do not have adjustment for camber settings. Please contact us for options regarding camber adjustment on double-wishbone equipped vehicles. 


NOTE: Please torque the nuts for the top mount studs to 177~221 lbs/inch.

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