Advantages of Mono-tube Over Dual-Tube

Advantages of Mono-tube Over Dual-Tube

Mono-tube construction is a tube that is separated into two parts, oil and gas. With piston movement in the tube, damping force will occur. There is the high air pressure in the strut and a certain load capacity; as the result, it could retain its damping force. 


There are a variety of advantages to mono-tube design. It contains higher rigidity and longer durability. A monotube design eliminates cavitation, has the ability to dissipate heat, allows for a larger internal working area, and eliminates lag. In addition, this design enables coilovers to have a variety of responses to different road conditions. The damping force will be more stable on a bumpy road. Because of higher rigidity and fineness, a professional manufacturing technique is needed to manufacture mono-tube struts.

On the other hand, the double-tube design is made by double oil tube construction and oil will flow between inside and outside with strut movement. Compared with the mono-tube design, the oil capacity and the pressed area of the double-tube design is smaller so that it is difficult to adjust the slight dampening force. Besides, by reason of double tube, the radiation is worse and oil deteriorates easily. From the point of working, the cost of a double-tube design is lower than mono-tube one. Generally, the manufacturer who produces a large amount of OE parts will produce the double-tube design.

Compared with the double-tube design, the piston area and the valve diameter in mono-tube are bigger and the piston hole is improved. Therefore, mono-tube design could manage gravel road perfectly. Furthermore, mono-tube design is able to decrease bounce caused by bumps and bring sports performance into full play.

When it comes to inverted type suspensions, double-tube construction is unable to be designed as an inverted type suspension. On the other hand, the rigidity of mono-tube inverted design is highly increased. As the result, the control, ground connection, and stability of driving are better than before. If the double-tube is designed as an inverted strut, oil and gas will be reversed and gas will enter the inner tube and cannot work. The mono-tube inverted suspension is the best choice for special purposes, such as drift, rally, and tracking racing.

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