Identifying Your Coilover

Identifying Your Coilover

When ordering replacement parts for your Ksport coilovers there is some specific information you may be asked to make sure we get you the correct parts you need. The information below can help you have that information ready before you contact us.

For vehicles that use MacPherson type suspension there was a production change in the beginning of 2009, therefore the information below can help you determine what size shock body you have. This mainly only applies to front shocks (very few rear shocks). If you’re unsure if your vehicle has MacPherson type suspension then please contact us and we can help you.


If your shock body is Chrome and it is a Kontrol Pro system, your shock diameter is 50mm.


If your McPherson type shock body is Black and was purchased new prior to 2009, it can be either 50mm or 52mm depending on its production date. If your coilovers were purchased new in mid 2009 or later, then your MacPherson type shock is more than likely 52mm.

 To determine what size the shock body is, you will need to measure it with a digital caliper as shown below.

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